Released on June 28th, 2016 for Mac

Shoot 'Em Up

A space pixel SHMUP developed by Pixelnest Studio. The game hits Steam Early Access on May 18, 2015.

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    • Attracted to You

      Destroy the Alien ship.

    • Ticket to the Great Adventure

      Destroy the Old Friend.

    • Space Dumpster

      Destroy the Garbage Collector.

    • Daddy's Not Happy

      Destroy the Astroworm.

    • Ace of Aces

      Beat the Red Baron


      Destroy the Super Chabal.

    • Rush hour

      Complete a boss rush.

    • Popcorn Contest

      Kill 2500 fighters.

    • Popcorn Black hole

      Kill 10000 fighters.

    • Dark Matter Machine

      Kill 50 enemies.

    • Dark Matter Factory

      Kill 250 enemies.

    • Dark Matter Industry

      Kill 1000 enemies.

    • Gunsmith

      Destroy 100 cargos.

    • I SEE SPY

      Kill a spy with the flamethrower.

    • One Small Step

    • Giant Leap

    • LASER!$

    • A bit closer to Heaven

    • They're everywhere

    • The Bullets before the Storm

    • Kiss Of Death

    • The Beginning and The End.

    • Rebel

    • Space Cadet

      Pick 15 differents weapons.

    • Deep Space Captain

      Pick all weapons at least once.

    • Infinite Battery

      Pick all Energy weapons.

    • Bulletmaker

      Pick all Bullets weapons.

    • Bay Man

      Pick all Heavy weapons.

    • Squad leader

      Pick all Bots weapons.

    • Solar Knight

      Pick all Melee weapons.

    • Navigator

      Finish the game once.

    • Singularity

      Finish the first loop.

    • Gladiator of the Universe

      Defeat all the bosses in the Arena at least once.

    • Supernova

      Die 50 times.

    • Steredenn Space Program

      Try all upgrades.


      Beat the game using the Blaster only.

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