Death's Door

Released on July 20th, 2021 for PC


A soul reaping Crow must track down a thief to a realm untouched by death.

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    • Crow Gamer

      Beat the game

    • Academy of Umbrellas

      Beat the game only ever using an umbrella as your melee weapon

    • Meal for a King

      Feed the Frog King an explosive treat

    • Hot Pot

      Set Grandma's pot on fire

    • Banging Tune

      Listen to Barb's magnum opus

    • Clever Too Much

      Gain a devoted fan

    • Specialist

      Max out any of the 4 stats

    • Big Spender

      Purchase 12 stat upgrades

    • Ooh Shiny!

      Collect all shiny things

    • Weapon Master

      Collect all weapons

    • Zen

      Find all shrines

    • A Stroll with Jefferson

    • Reap what you sow

      All seeds collected and planted

    • Conga Line

      Have a gang of 10+ forest spirits follow you

    • Plot Head

      Access Pothead's secret garden

    • Lord of Chores

      100% Complete the game

    • Squid Soup?

      Accept Jefferson's Soup

    • Baul Plart, Hall Cop

      Trigger the metal detector without detecting a threat

    • In Caw-Hoots

    • Cremation

      Upgrade the fire ability

    • Demo Crow

      Upgrade the bomb ability

    • Crouching Tiger Hidden Crow

      Upgrade the hookshot ability

    • Hawk Eye

      Upgrade the arrow ability

    • A True End


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