Last Stop

Released on July 22nd, 2021 for PC


Story about three characters in modern day London during a supernatural crisis.

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    • Baller

      As Donna, successfully smash a bottle against every target, using only one bottle per target

    • Roast Becky

      As Donna, give Becky a hard time when chatting to her

    • Everyone needs a name

      As Donna, come up with a creative name when invited to

    • Can't keep a secret

      As Donna, choose to be honest when your friend asks a difficult question

    • Strong as an ox

      As Donna, break free of your restraints the first chance you get

    • Teetotal

      As Meena, pick water as your beverage of choice

    • Librarian

      As Meena, place every book on the correct shelf when helping your Dad

    • Dan Honnold

      As Meena, sing your husband's praises when given the chance

    • Blocker

      As Meena, block an annoying instant messenger chat

    • You were never here

      As Meena, leave no traces when breaking and entering

    • True detective

      As Meena, collect every scrap of evidence when looking for clues

    • Shots fired

      As John, slip into conversation that you're a member of a gym

    • Sidonglobophobia

      As John, admit to an unusual phobia when asked

    • A good imposter

      As John, be a good manager and remember everybody's tasks

    • Maestro

      As John, don't play a bad note when demonstrating your piano skills

    • Prologue

    • The Handsome Man

    • The Prisoner

    • Friend or Foe

    • A Change of Heart

    • Confessions of a Kidnapper

    • Role Reversals

    • The Candidate

    • Unfaithful

    • Secrets and Lies

    • In This All the Way

    • Unfinished Business

    • Revelations

    • Commuter Rage

    • Split Personality

    • Imposter Syndrome

    • A Fool's Errand

    • Making Do

    • A Friend in Need

    • Last Stop


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