The Forgotten City

Released on July 28th, 2021 for PC

Adventure Role-Playing

A time-altering adventure in a hidden city buried deep beneath Rome.

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    • Trickster

      Save Fabia's life

    • Lion Tamer

      Solve Vergil's problem

    • Liberator

      Have Duli released from his cell

    • Match-maker

      Help Galerius romance Equitia

    • Tourist

      Use Photo Mode

    • Treasure Hunter

      Find treasure using the golden bow

    • Looper

      Loop through time once

    • The Many Shall Suffer

      Reach Ending 1 of 4

    • The One That Got Away

      Reach Ending 2 of 4

    • The Ones That Got Away

      Reach Ending 3 of 4

    • The Canon Ending

      Reach Ending 4 of 4

    • Grave Robber

      Steal 2000 coins after the Golden Rule is broken

    • Dead Shot

    • Super Looper

      Loop through time ten times

    • Bloodless Shadow

    • Herculean

      Confront the creator of The Golden Rule

    • Archaeologist

      Discover what lies beneath the city

    • Sleuth

      Find all three missing persons

    • Italian Plumber

    • Survivor

      Survive the Palace

    • Psycho

    • Law Abiding Citizen

      Finish the game without looping through time once

    • Minimalist

      Reach the best ending with the smallest number of loops

    • Striker

    • Silver Tongue

      Talk your way through every possible confrontation

    • Underworld Explorer

    • Kleptomaniac

    • High Diver

    • Avid Reader

      Read 10 different grafitti

    • Unhygenic

      Pick up the sponge on a stick

    • Nimble

    • Smooth Talker

      Get rejected by Aurelia

    • Golden Archer

      Gild your first thing

    • Allergic

    • Maverick

      Skip the city tour

    • The Oracle

    • Callous

    • Fibber

      Lie 10 times

    • Medic

      Save Iulia's life

    • Counsellor

      Save Ulpius's life


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