Released on June 28th, 2016 for PlayStation 4

Shoot 'Em Up

A space pixel SHMUP developed by Pixelnest Studio. The game hits Steam Early Access on May 18, 2015.

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    Trophies for Steredenn

    • One Small Step

      Destroy a Bomber boss

      (Hidden Trophy)

    • Giant Leap

      Destroy a Frigate boss

      (Hidden Trophy)

    • LASER!$

      Destroy a Destroyer boss

      (Hidden Trophy)

    • A bit close to heaven

      Destroy a Cruiser boss

      (Hidden Trophy)

    • They're everywhere

      Destroy a Carrier boss

      (Hidden Trophy)

    • The Bullets before The Storm

      Destroy a Battleship boss

      (Hidden Trophy)

    • The Beginning and The End

      Destroy the Mothership

      (Hidden Trophy)

    • Rebel

      Destroy the Nemesis

      (Hidden Trophy)

    • Navigator

      Finish the game once

    • Ultrawarrior

      Beat the game using the Blaster only


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