A Way Out


Released on March 23rd, 2018 for Xbox One

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A Way Out

Released on March 23rd, 2018 for Xbox One

Action Action-Adventure

A Way Out is a game that must be played with two people cooperatively. Created from some of the people who made Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

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    • Take A Breather

      You took a break from it all.

      80 gamerscore
    • Freedom

      You freed someone from captivity.

      50 gamerscore
    • In Sync

      Music was played in harmony.

      80 gamerscore
    • Timeless Treasure

      You linked up to get past.

      100 gamerscore
    • No Cheating

      You exposed some infidelity.

      50 gamerscore
    • Break From Reality

      You played a videogame with a friend.

      50 gamerscore
    • Mayday!

      You almost took to the skies.

      50 gamerscore
    • Managed Anger

      Dark desires done right.

      80 gamerscore
    • Live The Dream

      "Houston, we've had a problem."

      100 gamerscore
    • Backseat Mechanic

      You helped fix the bike.

      50 gamerscore
    • Take It For A Spin

      You did what the wind couldn't.

      80 gamerscore
    • You Started It

      Not kids anymore.

      80 gamerscore
    • The Dip

      You set a new record.

      100 gamerscore
    • Home Run

      You are clearly good with a bat.

      50 gamerscore


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