Old Man's Journey


Released on March 4th, 2019 for Xbox One

Old Man's Journey

Released on March 4th, 2019 for Xbox One

Adventure Puzzle

Old Man's Journey is a puzzle adventure game about life and loss.

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    • Adeline the Villlage Gossiper

      Adeline likes to think she is always in the know of the latest events in the little village.

      50 gamerscore
    • Kassiopeia the Tortoise

      Kassiopeia is an elusive creature, but will reveal herself for those with patience.

      150 gamerscore
    • Hugo the Vagabond

      Hugo likes to invite passing hikers for a pause and a game of Canasta.

      50 gamerscore
    • Georges the Lighthouse Keeper

      Georges spends most of his time indulging in his passion for fishing.

      50 gamerscore
    • Tilda the Whiz Kid

      Tilda developed an uncanny talent to repair things after she discovered her dad's toolbox.

      100 gamerscore
    • Albert the Gardener

      Albert worked an office job in finance before he dared to fulfill his dream and became a gardener.

      50 gamerscore
    • Window Piano

      As a strange consequence of errosion, the hotel window shutters create a harmonic range of squeaks.

      50 gamerscore
    • Smooth Ride

      Ride the train without an emergency break.

      150 gamerscore
    • Sheep Whisperer

      Guide the sheep in a level with the minimal amount of interactions

      100 gamerscore
    • The End

      Watched the credits to the end.

      100 gamerscore
    • Enjoy the Ride

      Drive the truck for one mile.

      100 gamerscore
    • Frogs' Chorus

      A small group of frogs with big vocal ambitions.

      50 gamerscore
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