The Witness


Released on September 13th, 2016 for Xbox One

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The Witness

Released on September 13th, 2016 for Xbox One

Adventure Puzzle

An exploration-focused puzzle-adventure game led by the creator of the 2008 indie game Braid. While exploring a quiet but colorful island, players must solve a series of maze-like puzzles on numerous electronic puzzle consoles.

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    • Shady Trees

      Activate the Shady Trees laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Symmetry

      Activate the Symmetry laser.

      50 gamerscore
    • Desert Ruin

      Activate the Desert Ruin laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Treehouses

      Activate the Treehouse laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Keep

      Activate the Keep laser.

      50 gamerscore
    • Quarry

      Activate the Quarry laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Marsh

      Activate the Marsh laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Jungle

      Activate the Jungle laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Monastery

      Activate the Monastery laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Bunker

      Activate the Bunker laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Town

      Activate the Town laser.

      75 gamerscore
    • Endgame

      Reach the end.

      100 gamerscore
    • Challenge

      Complete a certain challenge.

      125 gamerscore


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