Brothers and Sisters

2006 - 2011

109 episodes in 5 seasons

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The close-knit Walker family deals with struggles and triumphs.

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Brothers and Sisters


The last episode was Walker Down The Aisle (5x22)


Premiered on ABC on September 24th, 2006

The close-knit Walker family deals with struggles and triumphs.

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  • 1x1 Patriarchy
    aired on September 24, 2006

    Kitty returns to LA to interview for a political based TV show and to visit her family, which is full of secrets.

  • 1x2 An Act of Will
    aired on October 1, 2006

    The Walker family is forced to deal with the shock of William's death and the reading of the will, which threatens to cause a rift in the family.After Nora learns that Justin has been fired from his job and has disappeared, she, Kitty and Kevin head off on a road trip to find him.

  • 1x3 Affairs of State
    aired on October 8, 2006

    William Walker's indiscretions are made painfully public, and Nora shocks the family as she reveals that she's not as naive as they all think she is.Justin decides to tell Kitty about their father's affair, and the Walker siblings all feel the burden of their very own secrets.

  • 1x4 Family Portrait
    aired on October 15, 2006

    Sarah and Joe both face a big challenge when they discover that something may be wrong with their daughter, Paige.Kitty finds herself torn between two men, Justin begins his new job, Kevin gets jealous after seeing Scotty with another guy, and Nora suspects that Saul has feelings for Holly.

  • 1x5 Date Night
    aired on October 22, 2006

    In an effort to move on from her husband's death, Nora goes on a date with another guy, but things don’t go quite as well as she had planned.Kitty decides to go on a very awkward double-date with Jonathan and Warren, and Kevin connects with Scotty on their date together.

  • 1x6 For the Children
    aired on October 29, 2006

    The Walker family gets humiliated when their secrets are revealed in a public forum.

  • 1x7 Northern Exposure
    aired on November 5, 2006

    Kitty and Warren go to the country to have a peaceful weekend, that turns out anything but that. Unable to become pregnant, Tommy and Julia turn to desperate and unconventional measures. Faced with dire financial circumstances, the Walkers are forced to sell the ranch house.

  • 1x8 Mistakes Were Made (1)
    aired on November 12, 2006

    Justin's resolve to stay clean is shaken by a disturbing letter from the US military requesting that he go back and join them.Kevin swallows his fears and tries his hardest to win back Scotty but it blows up in his face, Nora prepares for a date, and Sarah uncovers some shocking information.

  • 1x9 Mistakes Were Made (2)
    aired on November 19, 2006

    A road trip for Sarah, Tommy, and Kevin reveals more startling news about their father. Justin comes clean about his reasons for joining the service after returning from a hospital stay.

  • 1x10 Light the Lights
    aired on December 10, 2006

    Sarah, Tommy and Saul make a big mistake when they try to retrieve funds to try and save the family's business.Kevin comes up with an idea about how to try and stop Justin from going back into the military, and Kitty tries to decide what she's going to do about her job offers.

  • 1x11 Family Day
    aired on January 7, 2007

    The Walker family attends Family Day at Justin's rehab facility.

  • 1x12 Sexual Politics
    aired on January 14, 2007

    Kevin meets a new love interest, but isn't sure about his sexual orientation. Nora and Kitty have been persuaded to use the services of an executive matchmaker with decidedly mixed results.

  • 1x13 Something Ida This Way Comes
    aired on January 21, 2007

    The family throws a party for Nora's sixtieth birthday. Surprises- but not the good kind- abound when half the family gets the flu, Nora's mother shows up, and the video tribute doesn't come out quite right.

  • 1x14 Valentine's Day Massacre
    aired on February 11, 2007

    Nora has a Valentine's Day dinner with a friend and takes a risky ride that could land her in trouble.

  • 1x15 Love Is Difficult
    aired on January 18, 2007

    Sarah and Joe go into therapy following the tensions of their marriage. An office poll unsettles Kitty about her relationship with Senator McCallister.Tommy bumps into a concealed member of the Walker family while Tommy and Julia learn about a surprise addition to the family.

  • 1x16 The Other Walker
    aired on March 4, 2007

    The Walkers find out about William's biggest secret: his other daughter with Holly.

  • 1x17 All In the Family
    aired on April 1, 2007

    Nora invites her late husband's illegitimate daughter to a family dinner at the Walker house against some of her children's wishes. Kevin Walker's hush hush relationship with a movie star reaches new levels and Nora has an interesting encounter with her college professor.

  • 1x18 Three Parties
    aired on April 8, 2007

    Sarah accompanies Kitty to Senator McAllister's hometown to interview local residents for his upcoming election campaign, where she meets his high school sweetheart Alice. The pair meets up with some local high school seniors at a bar, and attends a party with them. Rebecca asks Justin to attend a house party with her, who ends with Justin getting a black eye; while Chad makes a surprising decision to come out that affects his relationship with Kevin in a negative way. Meanwhile, at the advice of her best friend, Nora asks her professor out on a date. And Kitty returns to L.A. with new insight on McAllister and admits that she's falling in love with him.

  • 1x19 Game Night
    aired on April 15, 2007

    The Walkers have a family game night and invite Rebecca along for the ride. Kitty also meets Senator McCallister's gay brother and tries to set him up with Kevin.

  • 1x20 Bad News
    aired on April 29, 2007

    Rebecca tells Justin that Joe kissed her. Joe tries to confess to Sarah about the kiss, but before he can get enough courage, she receives the news from the most unexpected person. When Nora fails her writing class, her teacher allows her to pass on one condition - she must go on a date with him. And, Kitty has to calm the Senator down after a disastrous helicopter crash.

  • 1x21 Grapes of Wrath
    aired on May 6, 2007

    The vineyard opens up and the whole family attends. Holly also makes a move on Mark when Nora is gone.

  • 1x22 Favorite Son
    aired on May 13, 2007

    Kevin acts as McCallister's attorney when a radio host makes accusations against his war heroism. Also, Tommy and Julia must face a tough decision regarding their newborn babies.

  • 1x23 Matriarchy
    aired on May 20, 2007

    Nora organizes an engagement party for Kitty and Robert. Justin is about to be deployed to Iraq, and he tries to have special time with his family members to say goodbye. Kitty finds it hard to tell her mother that she will be moving out. An old friend of Saul's visits after his divorce.


  • 2x1 Home Front
    aired on September 30, 2007

    In the second season premiere, we return to the Walker family, who have a variety of different problems. Nora is now keeping a blog on Iraq. Meanwhile, a friend of Holly's flirts with Kevin, unaware that he's gay. Kitty is given advice on how to act now that she and the Senator are engaged.

  • 2x2 An American Family
    aired on October 7, 2007

    Kevin, Nora and Kitty go to pick up Justin who has just returned home from the war. McCallister finds that he’s getting closer to Walkers. Meanwhile, the truth is revealed between Sarah and Rebecca and Tommy is not able to get the hang of being a father.

  • 2x3 History Repeating
    aired on October 14, 2007

    Rebecca worries about Justin, Tommy's marriage hits a road block as Julia starts coming out of her depression. Kevin meets an old flame and Kitty prevents a scandal.

  • 2x4 States of the Union
    aired on October 21, 2007

    Rebecca's suspicions arise after Justin makes an almost miraculous recovery. Kevin pushes Saul to the edge to get some answers. Nora, Sarah and Kitty decide to go to a spa. Tommy tries to make friends but ends up in an embarrassing situation.

  • 2x5 Domestic Issues
    aired on October 28, 2007

    Sarah becomes embroiled in a difficult battle with Joe for custody of their children. Kitty's Halloween announcement has consequences for the entire Walker family.

  • 2x6 Two Places
    aired on November 4, 2007

    Kitty gets a visit from an old friend to do some damage control regarding her pregnancy. But it doesn't go as planned. Sarah is struggling with Paige, while Justin is down.

  • 2x7 36 Hours
    aired on November 11, 2007

    The Walkers unite as Justin's addiction hits an all-time low. Kitty and Robert build new plans for their future.

  • 2x8 Something New
    aired on November 25, 2007

    Kitty and Robert takes dance lessons. Tommy gets a surprise visit and Kevin makes a drastic decision.

  • 2x9 Holy Matrimony!
    aired on December 2, 2007

    Robert and Kitty get married, but not before a political scandal and a severe case of cold feet threatens the wedding. Meanwhile Isaac distracts Nora from her romance with Stan. Holly gets a surprise visit from an old friend and some secrets are revealed.

  • 2x10 The Feast of Epiphany
    aired on January 13, 2008

    Secrets are the order of the day when the Walkers gather for a family dinner because Nora is too shy to ask Isaac out on her own. Meanwhile, Becca is trying to play matchmaker for her mother.

  • 2x11 The Missionary Imposition
    aired on February 10, 2008

    Nora and Isaac get closer to each other. Jason makes Kevin to do some soul searching and think about his future.

  • 2x12 Compromises
    aired on February 17, 2008

    Rebecca gets a new hobby, while Sarah has to make an important decision.

  • 2x13 Separation Anxiety
    aired on April 20, 2008

    While Robert and Kitty visit a fertility clinic, Rebecca and Justin decide to have DNA tests to see if they really are related.

  • 2x14 Double Negative
    aired on April 27, 2008

    In an attempt to solve Scotty's financial issues, Kevin offers to file domestic partnership papers with him. Meanwhile, Nora meets with an interior decorator in an attempt to try and make a fresh start and the Walkers' attend a fundraiser for cancer research.

  • 2x15 Moral Hazard
    aired on May 4, 2008

    After an international business deal goes bad, Holly becomes the saving grace for Ojai Foods; Justin delivers heartbreaking news about a family member; Saul makes a confession; Scotty and Kevin share a life-changing moment.

  • 2x16 Prior Commitments
    aired on May 12, 2008

    Kevin and Scotty make a commitment to be life partners; Saul finally comes to grips with his identity in a public way; the family discovers that William kept yet another painful secret from them.


  • 3x1 Glass Houses
    aired on September 28, 2008

    The Walkers go to the beach for a family vacation but things turn ugly; meanwhile, Kevin arranges a getaway weekend for him and Scotty but things take a turn when a face from the past contacts him. Trouble awaits the Walkers as one gets fired and one gets blackmailed!

  • 3x2 Book Burning
    aired on October 5, 2008

    Much to the chagrin of her mother and siblings, Kitty decides to publish a tell-all memoir about Robert's unsuccessful Presidential race and the trials and tribulations of the Walker family. Meanwhile, Justin slows his relationship with Rebecca to a near stand still.

  • 3x3 Tug of War
    aired on October 12, 2008

    Two Walkers leave Ojai Foods. While on a dinner with Justin and a fellow soldier, Rebecca begins to question Justin's sobriety as he does not mention anything about his time in Iraq. Kevin faces uncomfortable questions from a very important client and the client's wife; meanwhile, Nora finds herself drawn to someone.

  • 3x4 Everything Must Go
    aired on October 19, 2008

    Nora gets ready for a new charity venture by getting rid of all of William’s belongings. Meanwhile, Robert begins to interview possible replacements for Kitty; Holly looks into the location of William’s son; and a time capsule brings two of the siblings closer together.

  • 3x5 You Get What You Need
    aired on October 26, 2008

    Rebecca begins to doubt her mother when she finds a file on Ryan Lafferty in Holly's possession. Meanwhile, Kevin finds himself to be in an uncomfortable situation as he meets Scotty's very conservative parents.

  • 3x6 Bakersfield
    aired on November 2, 2008

    Nora sets out to find as much as she can about William's son in order to beat Holly. Meanwhile, Kitty and Robert await news on a potential birth mother.

  • 3x7 Do You Believe in Magic?
    aired on November 9, 2008

    Tommy and Julia celebrate their wedding anniversary in a magical way while Justin and Rebecca get spooked about their own romance, and Kitty's neuroses endanger the McCallisters' shot at adoption.

  • 3x8 Going Once... Going Twice
    aired on November 16, 2008

    Kevin overcompensates for his recent pay cut by snatching Nora’s dream house out from under her as a gift to Scotty. Meanwhile Justin cooks up a plan to set Saul up with an unlikely candidate for a date.

  • 3x9 Unfinished Business
    aired on November 30, 2008

    Nora recruits the family to deconstruct her new charity money pit; Kitty & Robert take a huge & overwhelming step in adoption; Sarah takes a big risk with her new business partners by eating crows; Holly pushes Tommy to his limits when she does something in the winery without consulting him.

  • 3x10 Just a Sliver
    aired on December 7, 2008

    The Walkers encounter some conflicts in the schedules on Thankgiving; leaving Nora & Sarah alone to celebrate; Elizabeth endures a medical emergency that brings the family together.

  • 3x11 A Father Dreams
    aired on January 4, 2009

    Elizabeth's illness & her uncle's sacrifice cause a volatile & emotional confrontation between Kevin & Tommy that could make or break their relationship as brothers; Saul reintroduces a high school crush to Nora; Justin finally decides to leave the nest. Kitty prepares for her upcoming promotional tour for her book by doing mock interviews with some of Robert's employees.

  • 3x12 Sibling Rivalry
    aired on January 11, 2009

    Kitty goes public with her tell-all book on an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly; but suspects that Robert is keeping a very big secret; Sarah runs into some serious financial trouble that could keep Greenatopia from making it off the ground; Tommy allies with Saul to push Holly out of the family business.

  • 3x13 It's Not Easy Being Green
    aired on January 18, 2009

    Just as Greenatopia gets the green light Sarah's business partner breaks some startling personal news; Nora rekindles a romance with an old flame.

  • 3x14 Owning It
    aired on February 8, 2009

    Marc Wilson the president of Wexley University offers Kitty a job as a principle. Tommy goes behind Holly's back with Rebecca on his trail. Nora and Sarah surprise Kitty with a baby shower.

  • 3x15 Lost & Found
    aired on February 15, 2009

    Kitty finds out someones killed her interview with Times Magazine. Nora invites Ryan to her house. Holly discovers what Tommy's been up to and the ownership he has in Ojai Foods.

  • 3x16 Troubled Waters, Part 1
    aired on March 1, 2009

    As the Walkers welcomes in a new life, they must also face the terror of losing one of their own. Meanwhile, Rebecca asks her father for help when she comes across new information that may spell disaster for the company.

  • 3x17 Troubled Waters, Part 2
    aired on March 1, 2009

    As the Walkers welcomes in a new life, they must also face the terror of losing one of their own. Meanwhile, Rebecca asks her father for help when she comes across new information that may spell disaster for the company.

  • 3x18 Taking Sides
    aired on March 8, 2009

    In the wake of a medical crisis, Robert continues strong on his campaign for governor. Meanwhile, Saul and Sarah work to hide Tommy's legal problems from Nora.

  • 3x19 Spring Broken
    aired on March 15, 2009

    Kevin and Justin take Tommy on a trip in order to help him make a decision about his future. Meanwhile, Kitty and Evan head to Nora's to meet the new half-brother.

  • 3x20 Missing
    aired on March 22, 2009

    Desperate to get through to Tommy before his legal troubles worsen; Nora reaches out for help to the person whom he hurt most deeply. Meanwhile, Ryan Lafferty gets a bit too close to Rebecca for Justin's comfort

  • 3x21 S3X
    aired on April 19, 2009

    Sarah reclaims her Ojai office and meets Cal, a staffer in accounting. He helps her unpack; Even in the heat of the moment; Sarah's business savvy remains; When David, Holly, Rebecca and Ryan have dinner; David can't help but notice Ryan's behavior around his daughter; Scotty, Kevin and Chad share drinks.

  • 3x22 Julia
    aired on April 26, 2009

    Out of patience waiting for Tommy to return home, Julia makes a life-changing decision about the future; Robert discovers what Kitty has been keeping from him; Holly & Sarah finally find balance in their relationship.

  • 3x23 Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
    aired on May 3, 2009

    When Kitty & Robert reach a crossroads in their marriage, she is forced to reflect on her father's past indiscretions and decide what's most important in life. Meanwhile, Ryan makes a discovery about his mother's death and takes a huge leap in the wrong direction to vie for Rebecca's affection.

  • 3x24 Mexico
    aired on May 10, 2009

    When the Walker family reaches out to Tommy, they're devastated to find that he may be unwilling to accept their help. Robert & Kitty reach a crossroads in their marriage that they may not be able to successfully navigate; Justin makes plans for the future, with or without Rebecca; and Saul makes a shocking admission about Ryan Lafferty's mother.


  • 4x1 The Road Ahead
    aired on September 27, 2009

    Kitty guards a devastating secret that could change the Walker family forever. Meanwhile, Nora and Holly work together to thrown an engagement party for Justin and Rebecca; Tommy remains in Mexico; and Sarah heads to France.

  • 4x2 Breaking the News
    aired on October 4, 2009

    As Robert worries about news of his recent heart attack leaking to the press, Kitty struggles with an untold secret that will deeply affect their marriage and bring the Walker family together like never before. Meanwhile, Kevin and Scotty discuss the real possibility and challenge of surrogacy.

  • 4x3 Almost Normal
    aired on October 11, 2009

    Kitty, Robert and Nora struggle to accept Kitty's cancer and to come to an agreement on the best possible treatment, but as they prepare to share the news with the entire family, a surprise visitor from afar makes the burden a bit easier to bear.

  • 4x4 From France With Love
    aired on October 18, 2009

    After returning from France, Sarah manages to distract Kitty through her chemo treatments by using tales of her romance with a French artist. Meanwhile, Justin has problems with his anatomy class and seeks his professor for help with surviving the semester with his teenage genius lab partner.

  • 4x5 Last Tango in Pasadena
    aired on October 25, 2009

    The Walker family, with the exception of Nora, are surprised by the charms and tango lessongs of Luc Laurent, Sarah's new lover. However, Nora quickly uncovers that her French houseguest is a very good comfort during a very difficult time. Meanwhile, Robert needs to distract Kitty from the cancer, and he uses his most romantic efforts into the situation.

  • 4x6 Zen and the Art of Mole Making
    aired on November 1, 2009

    In the throes of chemo, Kitty is thrilled when a surprise visitor comes to town, while Sarah finally realizes that she has to tell her kids about Luc (Gilles Marini as Luc Laurent). Meanwhile, with Ryan and Rebecca’s help, Holly finds a way to keep her financial future from unraveling, and Kevin and Scotty finally agree on a possible surrogate.

  • 4x7 The Wig Party
    aired on November 8, 2009

    Kitty is devastated when she must face the aftereffects of her cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Nora makes an unexpected friend; and Scotty's father shares some shocking news about his marriage.

  • 4x8 The Wine Festival
    aired on November 15, 2009

    Ojai's newest wine is submitted at a local festival; Justin and Rebecca keep life-changing secrets from themselves; Nora has a crush on a younger man; Sarah and Luc may not be as compatible as they thought they were.

  • 4x9 Pregnant Pause
    aired on November 29, 2009

    Rebecca has a secret that could make or break her relationship with Justin; Holly's financial situation worsens; Sarah becomes jealous of Nora's new romance.

  • 4x10 Nearlyweds
    aired on December 6, 2009

    Justin and Rebecca's beachside wedding has the Walker family stunned. Tommy risks everything to have his daughter beside him.

  • 4x11 A Bone to Pick
    aired on January 3, 2010

    Kitty's life is in jeopardy as the Walkers frantically search for a bone marrow donor.

  • 4x12 The Science Fair
    aired on January 10, 2010

    A divorced dad at Paige's school piques Sarah's interest, while Justin uncovers the key to his learning challenges. Meanwhile, Nora reunites with her eyes wide open.

  • 4x13 Run Baby Run
    aired on January 17, 2010

    Sarah has a new romantic interest for the first time since her divorce; Scotty and Kevin await the results of their first try at surrogacy; Kitty and Robert reach another impasse over politics.

  • 4x14 The Pasadena Primary
    aired on January 31, 2010

    Robert and Nora get to work as guest chefs in Scotty's struggling restaurant to boost business, Kitty puts her idea to run for Robert's senate seat up for a Walker family vote, and Sarah reaches a point of frustration with Roy but is quickly rewarded for speaking up.

  • 4x15 A Valued Family
    aired on February 21, 2010

    The Walker family shares love and loss on Valentine's Day as Sarah rediscovers the love of her life, Kitty makes a grand but heartfelt entree in to politics with her family and new campaign manager by her side, Justin and Rebecca face the struggles of impending parenthood and Holly makes a tough decision about what to do with her shares of Ojai.

  • 4x16 Leap of Faith
    aired on February 28, 2010

    Luc’s visa issues cause monumental problems for Sarah, who not only struggles with her feelings for him, but worries that she might lose him again – this time to another woman. Meanwhile, Rebecca wrestles with Justin and with herself to move on after a huge loss, Kevin discovers breaking up with Robert is hard to do, and Holly thinks she has found the hidden value of Ojai Foods.

  • 4x17
    aired on March 14, 2010

    Kitty's newfound fame creates havoc for Luc and Sarah, as Luc faces possible deportation. Meanwhile, Nora swallows her pride and reaches out to Tommy to help her save the company from the Walkers' longtime nemesis, Dennis York.

  • 4x18 Time After Time Part 1
    aired on April 11, 2010

    In an effort to get to the root of the secret that William's nemesis, Dennis York, holds over their heads, the Walkers recall their memories, both good and horrifying, of their family's days at Ojai Foods in 1986. Then, as they continue to flashback to their younger days, they finally recall the shocking secret and the shameful cover-up that led to York's power play, and are forced to deal with the remorse of a tragic event. Meanwhile, Nora and Holly take an uncharacteristic trip, a la "Thelma & Louise," to search for answers about Ojai's hidden worth, and Justin and Rebecca finally get their happily ever after.

  • 4x19 Time After Time Part 2
    aired on April 11, 2010

    In an effort to get to the root of the secret that William's nemesis, Dennis York, holds over their heads, the Walkers recall their memories, both good and horrifying, of their family's days at Ojai Foods in 1986. Then, as they continue to flashback to their younger days, they finally recall the shocking secret and the shameful cover-up that led to York's power play, and are forced to deal with the remorse of a tragic event. Meanwhile, Nora and Holly take an uncharacteristic trip, a la "Thelma & Louise," to search for answers about Ojai's hidden worth, and Justin and Rebecca finally get their happily ever after.

  • 4x20 If You Bake It, He Will Come
    aired on April 18, 2010

    Still reeling from his discovery of Nora’s buried secrets about his childhood, Kevin refuses to attend his own birthday party. Meanwhile Justin, Tommy and Kevin confront Dennis York.

  • 4x21 Where There's Smoke...
    aired on April 25, 2010

    More than one member of the Walker family suspects she might be pregnant, Nora offers to take her aging mother in when it's discovered she has dementia, and Luc gets an exciting delivery in the mail.

  • 4x22 Love All
    aired on May 2, 2010

    The Walkers seem to all being going through an adjustment period, as Cooper acts out against Sarah while Luc becomes a member of the family, Justin has trouble finding the same passion for medicine that he had while serving in Iraq, and Kevin struggles with his newfound unemployed status.

  • 4x23 Lights Out
    aired on May 9, 2010

    The Walkers are heartbroken as they prepare to shut the doors of Ojai Foods for good, but new opportunities and secret alliances develop as a result of the family's loss.

  • 4x24 On the Road Again
    aired on May 16, 2010

    As the Walkers try to cope with the sadness and financial ruin that lingers as a result of the closure of Ojai Foods, they discover a small ray of hope in one of William Walker’s many secret investments. Meanwhile, Robert’s health and the safety of his family are compromised when he finds himself in way over his head in a subversive business deal, and newlyweds Justin and Rebecca consider a trial separation.


  • 5x1 The Homecoming
    aired on September 26, 2010

    It's been a year since the Walker family was torn apart by a tragic car accident, and in a very un-Walker like fashion, everyone has been avoiding everyone else. Truths and reality only start to set in when the family is forced to come together for Justin's homecoming party: Nora tries to prepare for the party, but is not acting like the mother she used to be; Sarah is consumed with the Narrow Lake deal; Kevin has a new career as public defense attorney; Saul and Scotty are running their restaurant; and Kitty's life has become a taboo subject for everyone.

  • 5x2 Brief Encounter
    aired on October 3, 2010

    The Walkers attend a swanky launch party for Luc’s underwear advertising campaign where 14-year-old Paige falls in with the wrong crowd; despite several visits from Justin, Holly still struggles to remember the things that were once most important to her; Kevin is saddled with a runaway juvenile delinquent; and just as Nora very publicly admits that she’s taken a part-time job as a florist, she’s approached by a radio show producer with a job offer.

  • 5x3 Faking It
    aired on October 10, 2010

    Kitty continues her stay in Ojai, trying to reinvent herself, when she meets a handsomely rugged handyman, Jack. As Kitty fakes her persona to seem like a local, she winds up in a situation that proves that honesty usually is the best policy. Meanwhile, the rest of the Walkers are in on a little surprise birthday celebration for Sarah; what they all don't know is that Sarah has been lying to Luc about her age to appear younger... It's hard to keep up with the truth.

  • 5x4 A Righteous Kiss
    aired on October 17, 2010

    Justin and Rebecca reach an impasse in their relationship; Holly has a breakdown over her inability to remember her own daughter; Sarah struggles to keep up with the Joneses when Cooper lands the lead role in "Romeo & Juliet"; Saul takes a huge risk to make a romantic connection with a dear friend; and Kitty struggles with an affair of the heart.

  • 5x5 Call Mom
    aired on October 24, 2010

    Nora's motherly skills and advice catch the attention of a radio producer who invites her to audition for a new show. But when Nora follows through with the invite, she suddenly finds herself out of her league, competing with a famous personality, Dr. Alexandra Kirby. Meanwhile, as Kevin and Justin go through some life lessons of their own, Kitty heads back into the dating game with her Ojai handyman, Jack.

  • 5x6 An Ideal Husband
    aired on October 31, 2010

    Everyone in the Walker family is willing to forgive and forget Scotty's infidelity. But when the family all put their best foot forward to help them reunite, things end up in a fist fight. Meanwhile Jack is reinvigorated by being back in the city and starts to pursue new ventures, but Kitty can't seem to picture herself in this new life, and Sarah and Luc share some exciting news with the family.

  • 5x7 Resolved
    aired on November 7, 2010

    Justin suddenly takes a much more keen interest in Holly's recovery after a nurse (guest starring Odette Yustman as Annie) at the hospital catches his eye; Nora's fellow radio host, psychiatrist Dr. Karl, finds his way into Nora's heart when he helps Sarah and Kitty resolve some old sisterly squabbles; and Paige helps Kevin and Scotty find forgiveness.

  • 5x8 The Rhapsody of the Flesh
    aired on November 14, 2010

    The charms and well intended matchmaking antics of Luc's visiting mother, Gabriela, quickly turn to high drama as she sticks her nose in Nora's romantic affairs.

  • 5x9 Get A Room
    aired on December 5, 2010

    Both Kitty and Nora very reluctantly make new romantic connections in unexpected places, Kevin's nerves about the adoption drive him to a disastrous bout of overindulgence, and Sarah's plans to spend one last romantic night alone with Luc go horribly awry.

  • 5x10 Cold Turkey
    aired on December 12, 2010

    The relationship between Justin and Annie gets more serious as he brings her to a family dinner. Nora has doubts about him being ready for a serious relationship since he just broke up with Rebecca.

  • 5x11 Scandalized
    aired on January 2, 2011

    A scandal like no other hits the Walker family which causes Kitty to over-think her future.

  • 5x12 Thanks For the Memories
    aired on January 9, 2011

    In this 99th episode the family looks back to the events who made them who they are now. Tommy returns with surprising news, while his siblings all have to make very difficult choices. Kitty needs a break from her Life.

  • 5x13 Safe at Home
    aired on January 16, 2011

    The Walkers are excited when Tommy comes down for a visit, but his new girlfriend's enthusiasm for Walker family history rubs the family the wrong way.

  • 5x14 One That Got Away
    aired on February 13, 2011

    The Walkers' plans to celebrate Valentine's Day go horribly wrong when Tommy tells Sarah about another secret that Nora has kept buried since they were kids, and Saul's hopes for a romantic evening with Jonathan are dashed by a visiting high profile food critic.

  • 5x15 Brody
    aired on February 20, 2011

    Though Nora tries her best to keep Brody at bay, she can’t help but feel the long lost connection between them, and Justin reaches out to a homeless vet reluctant to accept help getting back on his feet.

  • 5x16 Home Is Where The Fort Is
    aired on March 6, 2011

    Nora and Sarah fly out to Washington DC to "surprise" Evan for his birthday, but what they're really after is the truth behind Kitty's extended trip to the east coast. Meanwhile, Kevin and Scotty are thrilled to have officially signed the papers to be Olivia's parents, but the excitement quickly fades when Olivia seems a little nervous about moving in and starting a new life.

  • 5x17 Olivia's Choice
    aired on April 10, 2011

    When Olivia's brother shows up and sets out to gain custody of her from Kevin and Scotty, the Walkers struggle amongst themselves to determine what's best for Olivia.

  • 5x18 Never Say Never
    aired on April 10, 2011

    Emotions are running high in the Walker family when Nora and Saul find out their mother, Ida, has passed away.

  • 5x19 Wouldn’t It Be Nice
    aired on April 17, 2011

    Nora finally gives in to her feelings for Brody, which leads to a spontaneous romantic getaway. Meanwhile Sarah and Luc closely consider growing their family, and a chance encounter with Michelle raises Scotty's suspicions about her whereabouts for the past several months.

  • 5x20 Father Unknown
    aired on April 24, 2011

    Parenthood is questionable for more than one member of the Walker family, as Justin keeps a closely guarded secret about the true paternal identity of one of his siblings and Scotty makes a shocking discovery that will bring a new life into the Walker family fold.

  • 5x21 For Better Or For Worse
    aired on May 1, 2011

    After Sarah confronts Brody about his being her father, she decides she no longer wants him to be a part of her life or Nora's, but Nora just can't seem to let him go. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles with the new addition of baby Daniel to the family.

  • 5x22 Walker Down The Aisle
    aired on May 8, 2011

    As Sarah and Luc’s nuptials approach, plans go horribly awry and the Walkers learn several surprising lessons about the real meaning of family, on the Series Finale of “Brothers & Sisters”.

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