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Premiered on Channel 4 on October 18th, 2006

Goldplated is an eight-part drama series from World Productions which made its debut on Channel 4 on Wednesday 18 October 2006 at 10.00pm. It follows self-made businessman John White, as he struggles to complete a business deal that could be compromised by past indiscretions. Similarly to The Sopranos White's personal life is intertwined with his business life. He lives with his partner Cassidy, who is half his age, and their son, while in the process of divorcing his wife Beth. His oldest son Darren is his business partner, while his other two children with Beth also feature. Kenny Doughty also stars in 4 episodes as Cassidy's love interest. Despite a massive promotional effort that included a nationwide poster campaign featuring giant Gold Credit cards across Great Britain the drama fared disastrously in the ratings, drawing only 1.4 million viewers for its opening episode. Even though the series appeared to have a massive fanbase, the ratings figures dropped to half of that number over the following two weeks, prompting Channel 4 to shunt the remaining episodes to a late-night slot and to cancel Saturday repeats and 'first look' screenings on E4.

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  • 1x1 The Christening
    aired on September 18, 2006

    As construction boss John White prepares for his son's christening and an opportunity to launch his new trophy girlfriend onto Cheshire society, he discovers the bank has frozen his credit. Attributing the problem to a building site planning delay, he takes drastic action and demolishes the surviving fa├žade.

  • 1x2 The Funeral
    aired on September 25, 2006

    Beth visits her father in Manchester only to find he has died in his armchair. John arrives to support her and they reflect on the area where they both grew up. Beth thinks it has "gone to the dogs," and resolves not to leave her father's remains in the dilapidated local cemetery but to scatter his ashes on the golf course in Cheshire.

  • 1x3 Lauren's Affair
    aired on November 1, 2006

    Lauren conducts a passionate affair with Russell Neale, a young Premiership footballer who is uncomfortable with his fame. His celebrity gives her a new view on Cheshire life. But Lauren soon clashes with Russell's manager, Dean Kidd, who tries to pay her off like a groupie, but increases her determination to bend Russell to her will.

  • 1x4 Darren in Love
    aired on November 8, 2006

    The press look for an angle on Russell's suicide and stake out Whiteoaks and Darren's house. But Darren and Charlotte manage to avoid them and join the school trip to London. With Darren away, Terese decides to spend a night in a motel with Keith. But when he teases her about what Darren could be up to in London she cancels their night of passion and makes a point of meeting Darren and Charlotte from the bus when they return.

  • 1x5 The Charity Dinner
    aired on November 15, 2006

    It's the social event of the year and the Cheshire women are in a spin getting the must-have frock and all the necessary beauty treatments. But Terese faces a huge distraction: what to do about Jacqui. Meanwhile John's Avalon Basin plans look dodgy. His buddy at the Council has been replaced by a new planning officer: an earnest, ambitious young Asian man who can't be bought off.

  • 1x6 Cassidy's Mother
    aired on November 22, 2006

    Cassidy has discovered the pact between John and Beth and is furious, but John has no time to remedy the situation as the Avalon Basin decision is imminent and he has arranged a jolly to entertain the Planning Committee and Councillors. Cassidy resents not being invited, but her attention is soon diverted when her drug addict mother turns up at Whiteoaks.

  • 1x7 Naomi Moves Into Whiteoaks
    aired on November 29, 2006

    Series finale double bill. Naomi is well enough to leave hospital but is nowhere near ready to live alone so John decides to bring her to Whiteoaks. Her arrival intrigues Cassidy and Lauren but Terese is hostile, worrying about her influence on Charlotte.

  • 1x8 Retribution
    aired on November 29, 2006

    As Cassidy plans the wedding John hears a rumour that his Avalon Basin scheme is about to be accepted by the council. What he doesn't know is that Darren and Councillor Haq are negotiating to cut John out. Haq still hopes to re-open an inquiry into the Redstart flats fire and, as a condition of giving Darren the contract, asks him to bring Naomi to see him so he can discover what she remembers.

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