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    100 Korean Masterpieces by Film 2.0 (2008 Edition)

    Note that Arirang (#24) is considered a lost film, though there are rumors of an existing copy in personal collections.

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    Last updated 2019-01-03 08:32:07 +0100

    IMDB Top 1000

    An extended version of the IMDB top films (found at the site through advanced search) that includes 1000 titles.

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    Last updated 2018-03-08 08:32:47 +0100

    Top movies from 2013 ordered by votes

    Dynamically created movie list

    movies list by warflower - 0 item

    Last updated 2018-01-08 08:30:52 +0100

    Top movies from 2012 ordered by votes

    Dynamically created movie list

    movies list by warflower - 0 item

    Last updated 2018-01-08 08:30:52 +0100

    They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?

    The They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? 1,000 greatest films list is primarily compiled by using 1,825 individual critics' and filmmakers' best-films-of-all-time lists/ballots. The resulting list is very diverse and spans virtually all movie-producing decades and countries.

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    Last updated 2017-02-14 07:33:02 +0100

    Fantastic Fest Movies


    Movies that have played at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX from 2005 through 2014.

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    Last updated 2016-10-03 07:34:47 +0200

    East Asian Animation Comprehensive List


    235 items

    Last updated 2016-08-07 07:32:01 +0200

    Badmovies.org Best B-Movies

    "A website to the detriment of good film"

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    Last updated 2016-04-15 07:31:19 +0200

    Great 60-90 min films

    .. for those days when you just don’t have the energy to watch a 3 hour masterpiece

    291 items

    Last updated 2016-02-07 07:33:42 +0100

    Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture

    528 items

    Last updated 2016-01-16 07:32:49 +0100

    Quality Indie Horror on Netflix Instant

    142 items

    Last updated 2015-11-11 07:31:50 +0100

    The Criterion Collection


    The entire Criterion collection organized by spine number.

    762 items

    Last updated 2015-08-04 07:36:21 +0200

    500 Essential Cult Movies


    Based on the book by Jennifer Eiss

    502 items

    Last updated 2015-06-28 07:31:47 +0200

    The Dissolve’s 50 Best Films of the 2010s

    Inspired by our friends at Pitchfork, The Dissolve polled its regular contributors and some friends of the site about the best films released since January 1, 2010. We compiled the results in an effort to help give shape to the decade in progress, as the cinematic landscape keeps evolving around us. When the math was done, we found the results surprising, with a No. 1 none of us predicted. (Though we probably should have.)

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    Last updated 2015-04-14 07:32:02 +0200

    TimeOut’s 100 best animated films, as chosen by famous animators

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    Last updated 2015-03-29 00:56:38 +0100

    Current TV's 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die

    Over the past two decades the documentary film has graduated into mainstream cinema, becoming a major box office draw and an important part of contemporary culture. To celebrate this new age of the cinematic documentary, Current TV has commissioned a brand-new series that explores the most powerful, memorable and moving documentary feature films to have hit our cinema screens in recent years. The shows will count down from fifty to one, eventually revealing what our panel of preeminent film critics, academics and industry insiders has chosen as the most entertaining, powerful and influential modern documentary. However, this is not your average list show. Renowned documentarian Morgan Spurlock will embark on a road trip to track down the filmmakers and characters behind some of the most remarkable moments in contemporary cinema. Along the way, he'll meet maverick directors and eccentric contributors, travel to iconic locations and explore the impact that the documentaries have made on both their subjects and society, all the while counting down to number one. The five, one-hour shows will take the viewer from the plains of Antarctica in March of the Penguins to the basketball courts of Chicago in Hoop Dreams; from early examples of the blockbuster doc like Roger and Me and The Thin Blue Line to more recent hits such as Catfish and Inside Job. The series will form part of a two-month season in which Current will air full-length presentations of many of the featured docs.

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    Last updated 2015-03-23 23:34:22 +0100

    Top Albums of 2013 - Rate Your Music

    Automatically updated chart from RYM

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    Last updated 2015-03-23 23:34:22 +0100

    The New Cult Canon

    The idea behind The New Cult Canon is to take a fresh look at the new generation of cult movies that have sprung up in the last two decades, although some olders movies are also included into the list. The list is authored by Scott Tobias.

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    Last updated 2015-03-23 23:34:21 +0100

    The mindfuck movie list

    Many definitions exist for defining what makes any given movie a 'mindfuck'. At Class Real we look for movies which have the following elements and themes: -Surreal atmosphere -Identity surprises -Reality surprises -Existentialism -Postmodernism -Time Travel

    170 items

    Last updated 2015-03-23 23:34:21 +0100

    FOK! top 250

    To reward the help iCheckMovies has received from the forum.fok.nl community with testing our site, we have awarded forum.fok.nl with their own top list. Each year, the forum.fok.nl users submit their list of favorite movies, of which the top 250 were compiled into this list.

    250 items

    Last updated 2015-03-23 23:34:21 +0100

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